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Preston-Royal Neighborhood
5800 Offers a Prime Location.  5800 is located in the heart of Preston Hollow, a prestigious neighborhood in North Dallas (see map).  5800 is comprised of 50 buildings and 200 units, which sit on 13 acres of land.
5800 Is a Private, Gated Community.  Two entry gates provide private access to the 5800 property.  Be aware that the entry gates are designed for privacy, not for security.  Residents are responsible for securing their own units, vehicles, and other property.
5800 Is Located in a Low-Crime Zone.  According to the Dallas Police Department, year in and year out there are virtually no violent crimes, individual robberies or auto thefts reported in our neighborhood.

5800 Loves Pets, But We Have Some Simple Rules.

Monthly Assessments Include Utilities. Money from monthly assessments is spent as follows, based on floor plan (except for duplexes):  about 50% pays for maintenance expenses, about 46% pays for utility expenses, and the remainder pays for cable TV expenses.  These percentages vary slightly by floor plan.  The monthly assessment pays for all utility expenses, except for a personal telephone landline.
For the duplexes, there is no portion of the monthly assessment that pays for utility expenses (i.e., duplex owners must pay their own utility expenses separate from the monthly assessment). However, the HOA does provide maintenance for the heating and air conditioning systems at the duplexes.
Owners Comprise 85% of Residents.  5800 has an owner/investor ratio of 85/15.  By rule, no more than 15% of the property's units (30 units) can be owned by investors and leased to tenants.
5800 Is Managed by a Professional Property Management Company.  At 5800, daily operations and finances are managed by VMS Management, a professional property management company.  VMS works closely with the 5800 Board of Directors.  5800 office and maintenance staff are employed by VMS Management.
5800 Features an Onsite Management Office.  5800 features an onsite management office, which provides all types of administrative assistance to residents and contractors.  Contact the office at 214.363.9317 or
5800 Features Onsite Maintenance Staff.  Two maintenance engineers are dedicated to address all types of maintenance issues in a timely manner.  Beyond normal maintenance work, the two staff make time to assist residents with small jobs-for-hire and other requests.  Maintenance staff work onsite during normal business hours, and are on call 24 hours a day.
Local Retail and Restaurants Abound.  5800 is within easy walking distance of many retail stores, restaurants and other businesses located at the intersection of Preston Road and Royal Lane.  5800 is within easy driving distance -- at most 10 minutes -- to the Galleria, NorthPark Center, Highland Park Village, Valley View Center, and more.
5800 Features Convenient Amenities.  5800 features four swimming pools and four laundry rooms.
5800 Provides Covered Parking.  5800 features covered parking.  Each unit is assigned a covered parking space.  Additional, unassigned parking spaces are available for home owners who own more than one vehicle.
5800 Is Blessed With Natural Beauty.  The property features big trees, plants, flowers, and professional landscaping (see photo gallery).
Home Owners Must Comply With Remodeling Rules.  Home owners who plan to remodel their units are required to submit a list of remodeling/renovation plans for board approval.  Plumbers and electricians are required to provide (1) proof of commercial liability insurance and (2) a copy of their license.